“Weather and climate: the atmosphere and water in Asturias” is an activity halfway between tourism and environmental education, designed for all those interested in knowing the differences between weather and climate, approaching the processes that occur within the atmosphere and learn first-hand the effects of clima change, as well as the means to mitigate it and adapt to its consequences. Do you dare with a different but highly topical tourism?

Our itinerary begins in the mountains of the Cantabrian mountain range, within the Somiedo Natural Park boundaries, where we will stop to observe the more continental conditions of the atmosphere and the first steps of the water cycle. Still within the protected area, we will go on a journey in search of cultural vestiges and examples of the local economy based on the use of water. Before embarking on our journey to the next destination, we will delve into the visible consequences of climate change in the area.

Our next stop will be on the banks of the Narcea and Nalón rivers, in the heart of Asturias. Here, men have forged their history between meteors and natural hazards (meteorological and climatic) but always depending on the water courses and their flow, which have allowed riverside communities to take advantage of resources in a specialized way.

Finally, we will look at the waters of the Cantabrian Sea to understand the role the ocean plays in the climate, and observe coastal phenomena in the vicinity of Cabo Peñas and the surroundings of Avilés. Don’t forget your raincoat or sunglasses: we don’t know the types of weather we’re going to find!

Departure from the accommodation of our clients in the center of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés)

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