Butterflies of Asturias

Every spring and after a complicated biological process the different butterfly species start to deploy their wings and proboscis in an amazing performance for survival.
These beautiful, colorful and fragile Lepidoptera are spread all over the Asturian territory, all the way from the sea shores to the highest summits of the Cantabrian
Mountains. Flying or gliding, they are joyful to see while reminding us their role as key elements in the environmental complexity of Asturias’ ecological niches.

Now you can get closer to this minuscule and specialized world of the arthropods in an easy and enjoyable manner walking through some of the best preserved natural
spaces of Europe. Always in small groups (maximum 8 people) and in a responsible way. Join us and you will see, feel and learn!

The visit includes an environmental interpreter and official guide certified by the Principality of Asturias as well as high quality entomological gear.

We recommend comfortable shoes, hat or cap, sunscreen, water-proof jacket, a change of clothes, food and a telescope or binoculars.

Departure from the accommodation of our clients in the center of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés)

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    60€ with transportation, 40€ without transportation