The Deer Bellow (La Berrea)

Every year during the autumn, the Asturian forests are home for one of the most spectacular acts of the wild life: the deer’s bellow (la Berrea). The great deer, in the peak of their sexual tension, demand the presence of the females using their deep bellows.

During the sunrise and the sunset, the deer show their virility publicly and it’s quite common to hear them. Their bellows are especially intense during wet and thin rainy days in the clear fields among the thick Asturian forests.

Now you can combine a walk through sublime landscapes with the acoustic perception and possible wildlife sightseeing, in couples, groups or with the family and always accompanied by an expert guide on the natural heritage.

This is an activity recommended for children. Free of charge activity for those guests staying at Casa María Sopeña and Casa de Aldea Cuyar. Contact us for other options.

Departure from the accommodation of our clients in the center of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés)

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