Asturias is the ideal destination for butterfly observation! More than 170 different species of these animals live within this small region. It is the Asturian geography that makes it possible: the strong unevenness of the terrain and the differences in the soils determine the distribution of the Lepidoptera in Asturias. The forests, grasslands and ridges of the best preserved areas are perfect for observing and photographing different species of butterflies.

With the beginning of each spring, and after a laborious biological process, wide range of butterflies begin to spread their wings and proboscis in what is an impressive display of skill in pursuit of survival. These beautiful and colorful, but at the same time fragile, lepidoptera are distributed throughout the Asturian lands, flying or gliding, to our visual delight but also showing themselves as key individuals in the functioning of the ecosystem.

Somiedo Natural Park, in particular, is a hidden gem that we invite you to explore accompanied by our guides. Let’s get going! The excursion enters the Saliencia valley and the Vega de Camayor in search of the best locations, after traveling through beautiful trails. We will start walking through alpine meadows and rocky outcrops, in the highest areas, where the sun heats up first and the most sought-after species hide.

During the walk, your guide will show you the best viewing spots and explain their ecology. Looking closely at a beautiful specimen or identifying a species is usually very satisfying!

In the second part of the visit we will explore humanized spaces, to try our luck in different habitats and be surprised by the variety of butterflies and flowers present.

MEETING POINT: La Farrapona mountain pass.
INCLUDES: Principality of Asturias Official Guide, entomological devices and accidents insurance.

Departure from the accommodation of our clients in the center of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés)

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