GEOFACE certifies that its professional activities in the tourist sector follow a code of responsible practices characterized by respect, integration, and an exposure to scientific knowledge of the environment and of its species:

OBSERVE all that is around you; history is encrypted in your surroundings.

LISTEN to the local population and CONSULT different sources.

INTERPRET your surroundings and ANALYZE the interpretations your ancestors made about them.

FAVOR the natural course of the environment, its cycles, and its systems.

ENCOURAGE an attitude of INTEGRATION among biotic, abiotic, and anthropogenic elements found on the Earth’s surface.


STUDY and INVESTIGATE ways to make this planet more inhabitable for the species that live here.

SPREAD scientific knowledge and responsible practices concerning the consumption of resources.

HELP maintain the population of rural communities and respect the traditional economic activities of the countryside.

KEEP the rural areas clean and unpolluted. You are the one who gives shape to the landscape.